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OWC Ecommerce Excellence

OWC is a premier leader in eCommerce design, development & managed services. We are geared to help clients support their eCommerce application in all facets. We understand that some clients have more bandwidth than others – Our flexible and comprehensive eCommerce Managed Services allows our customers to be in full control of their eCommerce ecosystem which in turn frees up your time and resources to concentrate on your customers and grow your brand.

We Design, Build, Maintain & Grow eCommerce Solutions

Partner Showcase:

OWC integrates Findify’s State-of-the-Art real-time personalized searchs, recommendations & collections engine.

Findify Website

We work closely with Findify to help our clients sell more with Findify’s personalized e-commerce enhancements such as real-time personalized searchs, recommendations & collections. Search that is personalized 1:1 in real time delivering a unique set of search results to each customer. Results are continuously improving based on unique customer trends to rank products most likely to convert, first. Recommendations that are personalized in real-time helping customers discover new products catered to them – Cross-selling and up-selling products to increase AOV.


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Bespoke, Demandware, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce Enterprise , WooCommerce or Magento – our eCommerce experience is diverse in offering and focused around delivering maximum ROI. We develop innovative e-commerce websites that engage and convert. We love challenging ourselves to continue developing innovative e-commerce technologies to create engaging websites which improve your visitor conversation rates. With an in-depth knowledge of multiple eCommerce platforms, we have the expertise to customize them to suit your specific requirements, or create bespoke e-commerce solutions for the most technically demanding projects. Whichever option you choose, you are guaranteed to receive a robust and secure website to sell your products or services to a global market.

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